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TV no longer commands our full attention. According to Nielsen, about 80% of TV viewers use another device at the same time in a typical day. These instances present the opportune time to convey the TV message and inspire action.

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KlugTv is an important engine for growth

Television viewing trends are changing, which impacts business models for companies across the entertainment and media ecosystem. A strategy incorporating KlugTv’s Second Screen technologies can be an important engine for growth.

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KlugTv on Mobile Phone

Our clients

SBT, Bandeirantes, Fremantle Media, Volks Wagen, IBM
KlugTv on Mobile Phone

Multiply your

With KlugTv, every second of your TV schedule is amplified and multiplied, creating an expanded interactive, social and gamefied experience to the viewer. This is a significant opportunity to generate large additional revenues.

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A powerful single app is everything
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One of KlugTv’s main advantages is that it offers content for all your tv programs in a single white label app. Instead of having an app for each of your programs, with KlugTv you may deliver and manage tons of custom-made content in only one place.

KlugTv on Tablet
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